Sunday, April 15, 2012

gotta be kidding...

I told you guys... I would be back at this sooner or later... shit be crazy, not back in full force yet.... I did want to let you know, however, I signed up for weight watchers today!  I know, I know!   I don't do that kind of shit on here!  I promise, I'm not going to start eating crap like... I can't believe it's not butter.... because yanno what?  I can' believe it's not butter, because it SUCKS!!!!  This might be great for anyone else who does weight watchers, or who wants to..... because I decided... since I have to put my recipes in to calculate the points anyway... I should just put a little note on the bottom of the post to let you know how many points a serving of the deliciousness is... believe me - I'm the last person to say crap like... NO - don't eat that cake!  I'm just going to tell you.... I'm gonna eat that cake... and the rest of the day I am going to have veggies and water..... because no matter how much weight I lose - I'm always a fatty at heart... and NOTHING can make me give up good tasting food... thus... weight watchers is the winner so I can actually eat what I want!



  1. Sweet. Someone to do WW with! I've found a few recipes I really like--no compromising flavor. And I swore I would eat good tasting food--none of that replacement garbage. I'll just count the points and quit when I'm done. encouraged me there.

    Post away.

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