Tuesday, January 31, 2012


If you say you like lean cuisine... You're either lying to yourself and everyone else you say it to and Jesus isn't smiling... Or, you have no taste buds. No other options....it is that bad... Even the best lean cuisine isn't worth it....no matter what selling point you offer, I will come back at you with: no, not worth it.


  1. I hate Lean Cuisine. AND SmartOnes. That's why I declared if I was going to Weight Watchers this time, it was going to be with food I actually enjoy instead of garbage that isn't worth digesting.

    1. some of the Healthy Choice aren't so bad - by that, I mean the most unhealthy choices from Healthy Choice which are now endorsed by Top Chef! LOL!!! I'd rather just drink my weight in water and V8 than eat another Lean Cuisine... EVER!