Sunday, December 11, 2011

...long time

I realize I have been gone for quite some time... I haven't given up cooking, or blogging.  Nope, no chance of getting rid of me that easily!  I have, however, been ridiculously overwhelmed with school. BOO!!  School!!

Today, I have a little reprieve, though.  From school anyway.  We're having a cookie exchange at church tomorrow - and each person is supposed to bring 3 dozen cookies to exchange.  What does that mean in my world?  It means..... even if we bring a dozen of each type... and there are 12 people exchanging .... we would each get one cookie of each kind.  That kinda freakin blows!  I hope other people have considered this and will  also bring more than one dozen of each type.  Plus, I have never found a cookie recipe that only makes 12 cookies.  That is stupid.  Who in his/her right mind would only want 12 cookies?  Nobody, that's who!

Soooooo - I'm making 6 (yes, I'm making my mom's flavors, too) kinds of cookies - and when I say cookies, I mean I'm going to make some biscotti and peppermint bark and pretend like that equals cookies... because I want biscotti and peppermint bark, dammit!

Hopefully, I can get this accomplished, and get at least a couple of recipes (or extreme failures) posted for you folks this week - turns out I have a couple of vacation days.... someone should pressure me in to excessive blog posts while I have the chance!


  1. I've missed you too! And I've missed being here!

  2. Do it! I can't become your assistant if you don't become a world-famous food blogger!! :)

  3. I have to bring cookies to work tomorrow for a swap. I wish I could bake half as good as you can so that I could bring actual cookies instead of going to the store and buying premade cookies. Haha.